Choose to be a Warrior


A warrior acts with focus and intent. One who seeks mental toughness and inner strength. One who walks with the warrior spirit. Warrior's Path is a way of life - a way of being.

We choose to live with the warrior spirit. Do you?



Chris Kilgus
Co-Owner, Trainer

Chris is a personal strength coach and strength athlete that focuses on bringing the best out of every person who makes the choice to better themselves. He specializes in understanding his clients' goals and working within their abilities to achieve new heights. Chris is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Onnit Academy Foundations Certified Trainer. His personal fitness interests include trail running, strength training with new tools, and boxing.

Chris Lindquist
Co-Owner, Trainer

Chris is a certified kettlebell instructor and longtime practitioner of kettlebell strength training. He is a master of teaching technique and excels at getting the most out of each individual in his classes. Chris' personal fitness interests include running Spartan Races (Trifecta in 2015 & 2016) and achieving high levels of functional fitness.